2019 Women in Tech Festival: All that it entails

Women in tech festival are referred to a yearly celebrated event that tends to recognize women in the businesses, STEM as well as leadership positions to celebrate their achievements and advancements. Similarly, the event tends to acknowledge and celebrate women who inspire, engage and empower other women.

In the past years, this event has even recognized the men who seem to empower women in one way or the other and seal their positions as entrepreneurs in the technology industry and various businesses. Some of the benefits that women and any other attendants of this event get from it include the following.

Inspiring Talks

Inspiring talks are the speeches which tend to drive one into action. During the women in the festival, there was an inspiring talk session which was conducted by several speakers who are in various sectors and are thriving. The speeches which were delivered by the likes of Kara Goldin who is the founder and CEO of the Hint Company, and Alaina Percival who is also the CEO of the women who code.

As it is always the case, speeches from successful individuals tend to drive other people who have not begun the journey but have what it takes into action. Therefore, one of the most significant benefits of this festival is to get you moving with inspirational talks and speeches from successful ladies like you.

Startup Pitches

Sumi Shan

For the ladies and gents who attended the 2019 women in tech festival, they will tell you that it was such an educative event full of effective business plans. The pitching female founders such as Sumi Shan of the Dunya project and Karina Vida of cityscapes will conduct a brief pitch deck to give you an overview of the potential business plan.

For every lady who wanted to get to the business industry or even perform other profitable investment, this was one of the best opportunities to get you started. The event presented a platform where various ladies could engage in face to face meetings with their potential investors, partners and even customers.

They were also better placed to engage with the cofounders for the individuals who were looking to get into partnership business ventures. There were also startup judges to help you analyze your potential startup and see whether or not it will be profitable.

Thought-Provoking Discussions

During the 2019 women in tech festival, there were thought-provoking discussions which could make someone think of venturing in several businesses. In the world, some women do not believe in making it as ladies without the help of the men counterparts.

One of the primary reasons for holding this conference was to let all the ladies know that it possible for them to succeed in the business industry and even in the technology sectors without the help of the male. From the discussions which were held in these festivals, the ladies whose minds had been preoccupied with difficulties and impossibilities were brainstormed and began to think in the line of solo success. Similarly, the speeches which were deceived in the festival triggered thoughts about investments and other vital activities amongst the women attendees.

Educational Workshops

This festival had purely educational seminars. The women who attended the festival had the chance to be educated concern in their businesses and how they can improve them to be more significant and more productive. The workshops involved exchanges from one person to another and open discussions to identify where the problem is and how it can be fixed. Therefore, the ladies gathered lots of relevant information concerning how they can improve their business and make smaller startups into companies.

Creation Of Lasting Connections

When people gather together, they make friends and get links which are useful to them in one way or the other. This aspect was ideal for the case of 2019 women in tech festival. The event created an opportunity for the ladies to engage and come together to make connections which are helpful for their businesses.

Similarly, they formed friendships which are beneficial and which are business-related. Through the exchange of ideas, these connections are capable of lasting for more extended periods while the individuals help one another in different distinct versions.


Two thousand nineteen women in tech festival, which specially marked the fifth anniversary of the event is one which is of its kind. This event was full of fun and education as well as networking, which is very vital for developing ladies all over the world. This event which welcomes all who support and embrace the power and well being of women, was full of positives, thanks to the powerful speakers in various niches. This festival created platforms which are fun-oriented and supportive to the women hence giving room for them to discuss lots of helpful ideas and gain a lot in return.