Tools and Resources for Racial Justice

Over the last few years, awareness of racial and social justice has increased. Companies and individuals have invested resources, into research on how differences in race affect social and economic activities in the world. There have been countless efforts, to realize what tools and resources can be used to ensure that you live in a racially just world.

It doesn’t matter what position you are in; racial justice will work well for you. Racial equity will ensure that you and your colleagues receive fair treatment in the setting you are in. Here are a few tools and resources that you can use to champion for, and create awareness about racial justice.

Videos on racial matters

Visual media is beneficial when it comes to creating awareness and starting crucial conversations. One of the major issues when it comes to racial justice is that discussions on race are very uncomfortable for most of you. Through videos created by activists, authors, and champions of racial justice, you could create awareness for racial justice.

Videos can be shared easily through social media and a host of other platforms such as YouTube. In case you cannot share a video someplace because of geographical or legal restrictions, check
how to share android vpn connection over wifi. By doing this, you could safely share these videos to your target audience and help in promoting social justice.

Articles and blogs

Other resources that you could use to bring about racial justice are articles and blogs. These articles and blogs can be posted up on websites, and various social media sites. Articles on ethnic diversity, equity and racial inclusion, will go a long way in initiating conversations about racial attitudes in the current world.

Talking about; changing the dominant cultural beliefs, the shortcomings of attempted racial inclusion in organizations and better transformations of calling out racial injustice is significant. Written words have a way of really putting such essential issues into perspective.

Distinguishing equality from equity

This is another crucial tool for bringing about racial justice. Differentiating equity from equality will help you initiate a conversation, on assumptions on what each of them is. This will also clarify how racism takes place in organizations that are at the forefront of social change. After getting an overview of everything, then you can come up with effective means of breaking this cycle of racism in social and economic settings.

Through books

Books are one of the best resources to advance a message on racial justice and inclusion. They will guide you step by step, in developing a practice of social justice. They will also equip you with the knowledge on how to challenge racial oppression for both yourself and those around you.  There are so many books that are available for you both at a small fee and for free. These books will keep you woke, on racial issues affecting the world currently.

Racial justice will empower and liberate you from ignorance and oppression. It is very vital for you to equip yourself with the resources and tools, that will help fight racial injustices around the world.