Festival Foods

The Festival Center is proud to announce the relaunch of Festival Foods! Festival Foods will be the first and only nonprofit food business incubator in D.C. The goal is to create greater economic sustainability in our community by giving entrepreneurs the tools necessary for self-empowerment. Festival Foods will provide underserved food business owners an incubator in which to grow and nourish their budding enterprises.

Festival Foods will meet an unmet demand for low-cost, no contract kitchen space that’s metro accessible. Festival Foods plans on serving the demographics of the surrounding community, ensuring that economic opportunity is available to all those who are interested and industrious.

While the renovated kitchen will be completed in early 2015, programs including food handlers licensing, hands-on healthy cooking classes, and seminars for food businesses will be underway soon. Join the mailing list on the Festival Foods website to keep up to date on new programs and seminars!