Racial Justice Resource Center

Racial Justice Resource Center located in the Festival Center Library, has books and movies on the topic of race for the wider community to borrow and use. To check out a book or movie, contact a member of our Anti-Racism team called ‘On The Damascus Road (ODR)’.

*The cabinets, many books and movies were donated by Greater Washington Allies in Reconciliation & Regional Anti-Racism Alliance. Harold Vines donated a lot of books and movies and others did as well.

The Chapel

Rooted in the inward/outward tradition of The Church of the Saviour, the Servant Leadership School offers

a unique approach to theological education that emphasizes an integrated process of personal and social transformation. Spiritual practices are paired with serious study; intentional relationships across cultural divides come alongside immersion in movements for justice. Located in the diverse Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC, it empowers people from all walks of life for their next step in our shared exodus journey.

Developed in partnership with faith communities and organizations on a similar path, the School’s programming is organized around six themes: call in community, prayer and contemplation, Scripture and the Christian tradition, economic and earth justice, liberation from oppression, and peace and reconciliation. Each term of the School these themes are woven together to trace the movement named in our mission: out of empire within and without, into God’s realm in the here and now, abiding in Christ to sustain us on the way.


The Festival Center has a specialized library of books available for local lending and reading. 

Topical sections include Prayer & Spirituality; Theology & Ethics; The Church of the Saviour; Church & Community; Servant Leadership; Biography & Memoir; Psychology & Healing; Sociology; Fiction & Poetry; Race & Ethnic Studies; Economics; Peace & Nonviolence; Environment & Sustainability; Foreign Policy & Militarism; Palestine/Israel; and World Religions.